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Below is the experience of Amerta in recent years:

1. CSR Consultation for Develop the CSR Management System and Improving Business Sustainability Rating on Ecovadis Rating System [2021 – 2022]

We have developed a compatible CSR management system for companies according to the industry sector. This service includes the preparation of company sustainability policies, CSR procedures, and the development of CSR programs in the aspects of: (1) environment, (2) labor and human rights, (3) ethics, and (4) sustainable procurement. These four aspects are the core of the business sustainability rating performed on the Ecovadis system. To support the evidence-based assessment process at Ecovadis, we developed a GRI-based Sustainability Report for companies.

2. Socio-economic study for the retail industry – convenience stores [2019]

AMERTA provides socio-economic study services around the urban-based retail industry. We serve retail companies interested in fulfilling legal aspects so that their business operations follow the regulations in force in their area. One of the regulations that must comply is a social and economic study regarding the impact of the existence of business operations and the efforts that have been made to fulfill social and environmental responsibilities. This study elaborates quantitative and qualitative approaches through rapid surveys and structured observations and interviews. Data analysis used in this study consisted of Importance Performance Analysis (IPA), Research Coverage Overlay analysis, and Influence analysis.

3. Developing The CSR Policy and CSR Strategic Planning of State-Owned Enterprise [2018]

Conducting the stakeholder mapping and facilitating the process of formulation of the CSR policy, Strategic Plan, and Work Plans per year for State-Owned Enterprise context. Formulation of the design for the implementation of the CSR program, recommendations for programs to be implemented, and recommendations on the communication strategy of the CSR program.

4. Socio-Economic Study in Sorong and Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua Province [2016]

Socio-economic studies are the initial priority for developing targeted social program planning. AMERTA helps to carry out local socio-economic mapping around the company’s operational areas. We use a participatory research approach that involves local communities around the industry.

5. Stakeholder Engagement for Oil & Gas Company [2015 – 2017]

Developing a stakeholder engagement program through various participatory workshops for the oil and gas industry. This program involves various stakeholders such as the government, both national and local level government institutions, local institutions, civil society organizations, NGOs, mass media, higher education institutions, and so on. This program aims to gain understanding regarding the oil and gas industry among relevant stakeholders for the development of cross-sector collaboration and partnerships for local development.

6.   Community Development Training & Community Empowerment in Bima and Dompu Regency, West Nusa Tenggara [2014 – 2016]

AMERTA as an implementing partner in executing the CSR program of a mining company. Our main responsibility: (1) managing various community development training and livelihood training for villagers based on local potencies, (2) develop the community empowerment program especially women empowerment to enhance the socio-economic scale of the villagers, (3) develop the microfinance based on cooperative principles, (4) maintaining the sustainability of community empowerment program

7. Community Need Assessment in Bima and Dompu Regency [2014]

AMERTA conducts the community needs assessment as a baseline study to develop the CSR and communication strategy of the mining company to the local community and local government. Community Need Assessment used the qualitative approach through survey, focus group discussion, direct observation, in-depth interview, and desk study. During the assessment process, the researcher conducts the participatory mapping with the villagers in the coastal and highland contexts.

8. Social mapping and stakeholders perception survey, Jambi Province [2013]

In partnership with LSI (Lingkaran Survei Indonesia), our personnel was responsible for leading the team conducting stakeholder perception surveys and social mapping in Jambi Province. The service is designed to identify the history of social and community conflict, social risks, community issues, and communication problems in society. The service comprises of mixed activities of the survey, direct observation, in-depth interview, focus group discussion, and desk study.   

9. Small and Micro Entrepreneurship training & assistance in 10 Provinces [2011-2014]

In partnership with GAB (Gerakan Ayo Bangkit), AMERTA develops an empowerment program for street vendors and small enterprises in 10 provinces, they are Nangroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD), Sumatera Utara, Lampung, DKI Jakarta, Banten, Jawa Barat, Jawa Tengah, Jawa Timur, Sulawesi Selatan, and Papua. The program consists of material development, training need assessment, training delivery, and reporting. The focus of the program is to enhance the income of street vendors and small enterprises by using their own assets and developing a sound business plan. The program already trains more than 3500 business entities.

10. Consultancy for Local Government, South Kalimantan Province [2011]

The services comprised of: Conducting a review of local governance program and governance, technical assistance for local government offices for developing a medium-range development plan (RPJMD), and setting up an office management system for the head of the regency.

11. Training on various subjects for partners: public training and in-house training (Onsite & Online) [2011 – present]

One of our competencies is training delivery and we already delivered training on various subjects namely CSR (corporate social responsibility), business and human rights (Guiding Principle on Business & Human Rights), small business development, women empowerment, strategic planning, and such. During pandemics of Covid-19, We conduct several CSR Workshop Series such as CSR Competencies Workshop Series, CSR Management Workshop Series, and Comdev Skills Workshop. We provide an online learning process to build capacity for CSR practitioners.

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