The Expert

Ferdy NggaoFERDY NGGAO, S.Sos, M.Si

Senior Consultant. Mr. Nggao has been managed consultancy and training for public and private organizations, including government offices at national and local level, for more than 15 years. He familiar and used to conduct various type of survey and market research. For some years, Mr. Nggao was the editor for management magazine published by University of Indonesia.  His full profile is available in following link.   (Selengkapnya)



Senior Consultant and Trainer. Most of Mr. Setio Budi’s professional life is dedicated to communication field, especially on crisis communicationstrategic communication and public relation. Being a lecture
in one of the oldest private university in Yogyakarta, he used to deliver training, conducting research, and publishing journals in repective fields. Mr. Setio Budi is also an active board member of professionals organization
  and national assessor of ministry of education and culture. The full profile can be seen here.  (Selengkapnya)


Lead Consultant and Trainer. Mr. Primahendra has been involved in strategy and performance management, social investment & social responsibility, human resources & organization development, social project management (LFA, ZOPP, PCM, RBM), and communication for the last 15 years. Mr. Primahendra used to facilitating various type of training and workshops; conducting consultancy services,  studies and researches on related subjects. In the last 5 years Mr. Primahendra has been working at oil and gas industry mainly on strategy and CSR functions. His full profile is available  in the following link. (Selengkapnya)

Genhard ManurungGenhard Manurung, SH, MH

Consultant & Trainer. Mr. Manurung has been involved in CSR field in the last three years. Mr. Manurung lead social mapping and participatory planning team, facilitate stakeholder dialog forum, and conduct social program documentation. In the organization, Mr. Manurung is the  operational manager. His full profile can be accessed in the following link. (Selengkapnya)




Senior Consultant and Trainer. Mr. Pasrah has been involved in community organizing, community development, rural development, microfinance, and capacity development since early 90s. He lead local office of Bina Swadaya, the oldest community development NGO in Indonesia for more than 20 years. Mr. Pasrah used to lead community development projects, provide consultancy and training for local NGOs and local development. Involving in Aceh reconstruction for three years, Mr. Pasrah is also familiar with disaster management. His full profile can be accessed here.  (Selanjutnya)

Anton PasaribuAnton Pasaribu, S.Si, SE

Small Business and Entrepreneurship Specialist  & Trainer. Mr. Pasaribu has been involved in small business promotion and cooperative development for the last 20 years. He also has wide range of community related competencies and interests namely advocacy, facilitation, participatory training delivery, and community organizers. Having experience as teacher at high schools, Mr. Pasaribu is  also known as productive writers publishing several books on cooperative and small business promotion. His full profile can be seen in following link.  (Selengkapnya)



Media & Gender Specialist. Ms. Dewayani spent more than 8 years working as media analyst and responsible for various type mass communication related projects. She used to work for different type of organizations. In recent years, Ms. Dewayani has focus more on gender and women in development (WID) issue.  She is a competent writer and has been published his writings for several organizations. Her full profile is available in the  link. (Selengkapnya)

Foto Tri Guntur NarwayaSt. Tri Guntur Narwaya, S.Sos., M.Si

Social Specialist. Mr. Narwaya has been involved in various type of social study and research for more than 8 years. He used to manage education project on socially sensitive issues such as human rights and de-radicalization. Mr. Narwaya combined his passion on field work with his ability to write articles and books. He spent his time as lecture in several universities. The full profile of Mr. Narwaya can be found here.   (Selengkapnya)

WindiMr. Windi Harya Pamungkas, S. Hut

Environment Specialist. Mr. Windi background encompasses 8 years of diversified experience in Land Rehabilitation Management related Government Regulation (Oil, Gas & Mining), Land, Forest and Environmental Policy, Bioremediation, Biodiversity-Conservation Management, ArcGIS (Geographical/Geospatial Information System), AMDAL (ANDAL, RKL, RPL), PROPER criteria and requirement, Waste – Water and Hydrocarbon Management, Environmental Management System (ISO14001) and good relationship with Government (ESDM, Foresty and Environmental), NGO, Community and Institution. (selengkapnya)

BramonoMr. Antonius Pompi Bramono

Quality Management Specialist. Mr. Anton has been experienced for over 19 years in QA / QC and continual improvement in Manufacturing, Petrochemical, EPC and Mining Industry. Havingspecialized in QA / QC Including Inspection & Test & Quality ManagementSystems ISO 9001: 2008, Environmental Management System ISO 14001: 2004Automotive Quality Management ISO TS 16949, 5S, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Quality Control Circle and Lean Sigma. Have efficientlydeployed and Maintained Quality Management Systems and EnvironmentalManagement System in Mining and EPC, Manufacturing and Petrochemical.Developing Improvement Programs such as Lean Manufacturing, 5S, TPM, SS andQuality Control Circle to support Continual Improvement. (selengkapnya)


Teguh Mudjiyono

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Practitioner. Experiences for more than 9  years  in social  works  includes  mining  industries,  non-governmental organizations and multinational companies, especially in consultancy, agricultural, microfinance,  training  and mining  sector.  Most  recently experience  is  on  the mining contractor company PT Thiess Contractors Indonesia. Within this company, I participated in a broad range of community relation and development process from establishing corporate, CSR programming, cost controlling to implement CSR programmes and networking with various stakeholders and institutions. These tasks includes site based, head office, and supported project roles. (selengkapnya)