Riza Primahendra


Riza Primahendra

Place, Date of Birth: Semarang – Central Java, 6th may 1971

Nationality: Indonesia

Personal address: Pulo Asem Utara A20 Rawamangun, Jakarta 13220 Indonesia

Telephone/Fax: 62-21-4719005

0816865164 (cellular)

Email: rizaprimahendra@yahoo.com dan rizaprimahendra@gmail.com


Mr. Primahendra has been involved in strategy and performance management, social responsibility (social performance, community development, stakeholder engagement, small business development & microfinance, disaster management, peace building and conflict transformation, poverty eradication, public  advocacy,  capacity  &  institutional  building),  human  resources  &  organization  development, project management (LFA, ZOPP, PCM, RBM) for the last fifteen years; facilitating various type of training and workshops; conducting consultancy services,  studies and researches on related subjects; managing social organizations, nation-wide programs and projects, writing articles and modules on social responsibility, civil society,  and social development for seminars, training programs, mass-media and books.


  • POD, WP&B, and AFE, MCP, Course, 2012
  • Social Risk Management, Channel Research, Course, 2012
  • Competency Model Development, PPM Graduate School of Management, Course, 2006
  • Corporate Risk Management, PPM Graduate School of Management, Course, 2006
  • Strategic Management and Human Resources, PPM Graduate School of Management, Master Degree, 2005
  • Democracy Studies, Civil Service College, London-UK, Course, 2000
  • Local Governance, Birmingham University, Birmingham-UK, Course, 2000
  • Human Right, Canadian Human Rights Foundation, Course, 1999
  • Animal Husbandry, University of Diponegoro, Semarang, Central Java, Bachelor’s Degree, 1995.


  • 2013 (July) –present Senior Superintendent of Field Administration for PetroChina International
  1. Developing policy and ensuring effective execution of human resource management and industrial relation
  2. Developing and managing accounting/cost control activities
  3. Developing and managing supply chain and contract management
  4. Leading and managing workplace management
  5. Strategizing and observing security management
  6. Consolidating and managing all internal business process
  • 2012  (July)  –2013  (July)  Senior  Superintendent  of  Government  and  Relation  for  PetroChina International
  1. Developing policy and ensuring effective execution of land condemnation/acquisition
  2. Developing and managing communication/PR activities
  3. Developing and leading CSR/CD programs
  4. Leading and managing business license and permit process
  5. Strategizing and managing legal issues and legal cases
  6. Expanding and managing network with stakeholders, especially with local governments and local media
  7. Providing input for business expansion and organizational development
  • 2010 (Jan) – 2012 (April) Strategy Specialist for BP Indonesia
  1. Formulating strategy for Communication and External Affairs (C&EA) Department of BP Indonesia
  2. Developing  guideline  document  of  social  program  titled  Community  Investment Program (CIP) for Tangguh LNG
  3. Designing organization structure and implementation strategy
  4. Review and formulating learning & development policy of human resources
  5. Assess the social impact of company’s operation
  6. Lobby and negotiation to social activities related stakeholders
  • 2009 (Oct – Dec) Social Specialist for MCC Indonesia
  1. Analyzing social data and performance of national and local development
  2. Developing   network  and   communication   with  social   organizations  and  private corporation
  3. Facilitating dialogue process to formulate development programs
  4. Drafting  development  intervention  programs  for  economic  growth  and  poverty alleviation
  • 2009 (Feb – Aug) Executive Director of Indonesian Community for Democracy
  1. Facilitating and supervising five local programs managed by local institutions
  2. Developing accountable project management for both the institution and its partners
  3. Developing on line knowledge system
  4. Maintaining  and developing networks and partnerships
  5. Leading the team to manage overall aspect of the organization and program
  6. Conducting analysis of the external environment and formulating appropriate programs
  • 2007 – present  Chairperson of AMERTA Social Consulting & Resourcing, Jakarta
  1. Facilitating program formulation especially on corporate social responsibility, social audit & assessment, strategic planning & management, knowledge management, and strategic human resource management
  2. Senior  consultant  and  master  trainer  on  corporate  social  responsibility,  social performance management, community development & empowerment, microfinance
  3. Developing networks and cooperation among CSR practitioners
  • 2006 – 2008  Second Secretary and Board Member Atma Jaya Foundation, Jakarta
  1. Supervising and facilitating Atma Jaya Hospital and business units of the foundation
  2. Developing network and cooperation for the foundation
  3. Developing  human  resource  information  system,  personnel  policies,  and  strategic human resource development
  4. Leading development of financial system, audit & risk management system, financial SOP
  5. Facilitating various committees and teams to develop strategies and policies
  6. Conducting knowledge management for organizational development
  • 2004 – 2006 Director of Center of Civil Society Studies and Development, Bina Swadaya Foundation, Jakarta
  1. Managing 12 local offices that facilitate 50,000 poor families
  2. Developing  and  implementing  programs  on  community  development  and  small enterprises development
  3. Developing networks to likeminded organizations for national and global advocacy
  4. Developing and implementing strategic human resource management for local offices
  • 1999 – 2004    Head of Study and Communication, Bina Swadaya Foundation, Jakarta
  1. Conducting various study on management of affiliated companies (banking, publishing, and trading), community (corporate social responsibility), human resource, and public policies
  2. Initiating strategic plan formulation
  3. Developing  and  implementing  communication  strategy  both  for  constituents  and stakeholders
  4. Developing and implementing knowledge management
  • 1997 – 2000   Director of Institute for Peace and Justice (inpeace), Jakarta
  1. Facilitating strategic plan and program formulation
  2. Mobilizing resources
  3. Developing networks and cooperation


  • Strategic Planning, Oil & Gas Authoritity, Jakarta, September 2013 (Source Person)
  • Implementation of ISO 26000 for Oil & Gas Industry, Oil & Gas Authoritity, Jakarta, July 2013 (Source Person)
  • Public-Private Collaboration on Global Health Issue, Jakarta, September 2011
  • Election Visitor Program, Jakarta, Indonesia, July 2009 (Speaker)
  • Strategic Planning for CSR, Jakarta, Indonesia, March 2009 (Organizer & Facilitator)
  • CSR Professional Training, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, November 2008 (Organizer & Facilitator)
  • Indonesia Microfinance Conference, Denpasar, Indonesia, May 2008 (Organizer & Source Person)
  • Finance in Crises Areas Workshop, Colombo, Srilanka, June 2005 (Source Person)
  • Investing to the Poor Consultation Meeting, The Hague, The Netherlands, June 2005 (Source Person)
  • Social Performance Workshop, Paris, France, March 2005 (Source Person)
  • ADB-Government-NGO  Cooperation  Framework  Workshop,  Manila,  Philippines,  March  2004 (Source Person)
  • Asia-Pacific Micro Credit Summit Meeting of Councils, Dhaka, Bangladesh, February 2004
  • Globalization and Security, Regional Workshop, Kuching, Malaysia, September, 2003 (Source Person)
  • Asian Civil Society Forum, Bangkok, December, 2002
  • Social Finance and Social Ties Workshop, Paris – France, July, 2002 (Source Person)
  • Microfinance Policy and Governance Workshop, Bangkok – Thailand, March, 2002
  • Social Impact Assessment Meeting, ASEAN, Kuala Lumpur, December 2001
  • International Conference on Civil Society, INTRAC, Oxford-UK, December 2001
  • INASIA Core Group Meeting, Nepal 19 – 20 April 2001 (Source Person)
  • Asia and Pacific Region Microcredit Summit Meeting of Councils, New Delhi – India 1 – 5 February 2001
  • Poverty Alleviation Workshop, BKKBN, Jakarta-Yogyakarta, Indonesia, June 2001
  • Regional  Conference  on  Economic  Initiatives  at  Grass  root  level,  Rajendrapur-Bangladesh, November 2000 (Source Person)


  • 2011-2012: Empowerment of small business in 10 provinces, LSI Politic consultancy for LSI Consultancy for Head of Tanah Bumbu Regency, Amerta-KPPOD
  • 2009: Political Education through Democracy School, KID-NMID
  • 2008: Disaster Mitigation System Study, Bappenas CSR and Land Acquisition Consultancy for Biofuel Project, PT MLI Strategic Planning Consultancy for YPPI and Providentia School (Kindergarten – Senior High Schools), Livelihood Project Consultancy for ACTED, financed by Canadian Red Cross Capacity building on communication skill and system for Prayoga Riau Foundation (Kindergarten – Senior High Schools)
  • 2006 – 2007: House of Aspiration Program, NDI-DPD Sustainable  Livelihood  Intervention  for Earthquake Affected  People,  Deutsche Bank
  • 2005: Empowerment  of  Tsunami  Affected  Micro  Entrepreneur  in  Banda  Aceh,  Citi Foundation Capacity Building for Civil Society Organization in Aceh, Fact Finding Mission on Financial system in Post Tsunami Aceh, GTZ & KfW Study on Welfare Policy of Districts Governments, Bappenas Study on Civil Society Organization and the Need for Capacity Building, UNDP
  • 2004: Study on Social Welfare and Social Justice for Drafting National Policy, Bappenas Strategic planning of Al Izhar Islamic School, Pondok Labu, Jakarta
  • 2003: Pilot Study on Microfinance and Poverty Alleviation in Eastern Indonesia, JBIC Consultation  on  Social  Analysis  for  Community  Leader  Project,  University  of Indonesia
  • 2002: Consultation    on    Local    Economy    Development   through    Informal    Sector Empowerment, URDI – ILO Consultation  on  Micro  Entrepreneurship  for  Transmigrates,  Department  of  Man Power and Transmigration
  • 2001: Consultation  on  NGO  Management  Certificate  Program,  NDI  –  University  of Indonesia Consultation on Advocacy Training Course for Grassroots Leaders, NDI