Riza Primahendra


Riza Primahendra has been involved in strategy and performance management, social responsibility (social performance, community development, stakeholder engagement, small business development & microfinance, disaster management, peace building and conflict transformation, poverty eradication, public  advocacy,  capacity  &  institutional  building),  human  resources  &  organization  development, project management (LFA, ZOPP, PCM, RBM) for the last fifteen years; facilitating various type of training and workshops; conducting consultancy services,  studies and researches on related subjects; managing social organizations, nation-wide programs and projects, writing articles and modules on social responsibility, civil society,  and social development for seminars, training programs, mass-media and books.


  • Ph.D in Doctor Reseach Management, UPH, Jakarta, on-going
  • POD, WP&B, and AFE, MCP, Course, 2012
  • Social Risk Management, Channel Research, Course, 2012
  • Competency Model Development, PPM Graduate School of Management, Course, 2006
  • Corporate Risk Management, PPM Graduate School of Management, Course, 2006
  • Strategic Management and Human Resources, PPM Graduate School of Management, Master Degree, 2005
  • Democracy Studies, Civil Service College, London-UK, Course, 2000
  • Local Governance, Birmingham University, Birmingham-UK, Course, 2000
  • Human Right, Canadian Human Rights Foundation, Course, 1999
  • Animal Husbandry, University of Diponegoro, Semarang, Central Java, Bachelor’s Degree, 1995.


  • LSI Consultancy for Head of Tanah Bumbu Regency, Amerta-Regionomika
  • 2009: Political Education through Democracy School, KID-NMID
  • 2008: Disaster Mitigation System Study, Bappenas CSR and Land Acquisition Consultancy for Biofuel Project, PT MLI Strategic Planning Consultancy for YPPI and Providentia School (Kindergarten – Senior High Schools), Livelihood Project Consultancy for ACTED, financed by Canadian Red Cross Capacity building on communication skill and system for Prayoga Riau Foundation (Kindergarten – Senior High Schools)
  • 2006 – 2007: House of Aspiration Program, NDI-DPD Sustainable  Livelihood  Intervention  for Earthquake Affected  People,  Deutsche Bank
  • 2005: Empowerment  of  Tsunami  Affected  Micro  Entrepreneur  in  Banda  Aceh,  Citi Foundation Capacity Building for Civil Society Organization in Aceh, Fact Finding Mission on Financial system in Post Tsunami Aceh, GTZ & KfW Study on Welfare Policy of Districts Governments, Bappenas Study on Civil Society Organization and the Need for Capacity Building, UNDP
  • 2004: Study on Social Welfare and Social Justice for Drafting National Policy, Bappenas Strategic planning of Al Izhar Islamic School, Pondok Labu, Jakarta
  • 2003: Pilot Study on Microfinance and Poverty Alleviation in Eastern Indonesia, JBIC Consultation  on  Social  Analysis  for  Community  Leader  Project,  University  of Indonesia
  • 2002: Consultation    on    Local    Economy    Development   through    Informal    Sector Empowerment, URDI – ILO Consultation  on  Micro  Entrepreneurship  for  Transmigrates,  Department  of  Man Power and Transmigration
  • 2001: Consultation  on  NGO  Management  Certificate  Program,  NDI  –  University  of Indonesia Consultation on Advocacy Training Course for Grassroots Leaders, NDI